Pro Bradley Roy Classic Weigh in

Recap: MHX Pro Bradley Roy’s 1st Bassmaster Classic

Mud Hole’s Elite Pro Bradley Roy turned his first trip to the Bassmaster Classic into a top ten finish and considering his history, that huge finish on Bassmaster’s biggest stage came as no surprise. From winning Rookie of the Year in 2010 to reaching the 47th annual Classic, see why this young gun and his knack for custom rod building don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Pro Roy Rides R.O.Y. History to 1st Classic

For the first time, Houston is home to the Bassmaster Classic. Likewise, the Classic featured the fresh face of first timer Pro Bradley Roy. Although competing in his first Classic, Roy was more than ready to make waves in professional fishing’s fiercest competition.

Bradley Roy’s journey to the Classic began at just 13 when he took home first place in 2004’s Junior World Championship. After weighing in on the big stage, Roy realized his career path and knew he was on a collision course with the infamous Bassmaster Classic.

MHX Pro Bradley Roy rocks the weigh-in at his first Bassmaster Classic.

MHX Pro Bradley Roy rocks the weigh-in at his first Bassmaster Classic.

In 2010 at just 19 years old, he became the youngest angler to ever compete professionally on the Bassmaster Elite Series. Not only did he compete, Roy took home Rookie of the Year and earned the respect of his pro angling peers.

Battling year after year, Bradley Roy literally grew up fishing in the Bassmaster Elites and his comfort in this high level of competition says as much about his angling abilities as it does about his character. Rather than falter at the hands of his youth, Roy is known to rapidly learn and adjust on the water better than even some veterans.

This quickly made his high-performance synonymous with consistency on tour, earning him plenty of attention from Mud Hole Custom Tackle and MHX Rods alike.

The Performance of MHX Rod Blanks Boost Roy’s Classic Run

Since his rise in professional fishing, Bradley Roy has made some strategic changes to enhance his fishing equipment as well as his techniques. Roy took up rod building in 2015 and worked out a sponsorship deal with MHX, who’s brand of World Class Rod Blanks are championed by pro anglers across the country.

In fact, when Bradley got comfortable with rod building, his talents for fishing fused with the immense knowledge inherent in custom rod building for a lethal combination in competition. Together with MHX, Roy found custom rod building and MHX rod blanks dialed in his equipment and his techniques for maximum efficiency regardless of the fishing application or location.

Fishing across the nation, he appreciates this performance boost and with MHX Rod Blanks, you can too!

Elite Pro Bradley Roy celebrates with two big bass on the stage of the bassmaster Classic.

Elite Pro Bradley Roy celebrates with two big bass on the stage of the bassmaster Classic.

Each of Bradley Roy’s custom fishing rods serve a unique purpose on his boat, but with that said, he has two trusty favorites that he knows can do it all. When Roy first began rod building, he built his Signature Bass Fishing Rod on the MB873-MHX blank.

Centered around the high-performance MB873-MHX rod blank, this custom rod is great for all-purpose fishing. Whether throwing single-hook baits or treble hook lures, the MB873’s med-heavy power and fast action are versatile enough to fill his boat’s box in any location.

When asked about this rod, Bradley grins and replies, “If I were forced to choose one rod, this MB873-MHX Rod would be a no brainer… I actually keep three rigged up on my boat at all times because their versatility outperforms every other available rod.”

Despite Roy’s faith in this all-purpose rod, it isn’t his only option when it’s time for flippin’ or throwing a Carolina rig. His FS904-MHX blank packs the perfect punch to throw heavier lures, hook heavier fish, and then yank ‘em out of the heaviest cover.

“When I’m fishing, and need that extra strength to rip ‘em out of dense cover, this FS904-MHX Flippin’ Heavy Casting Rod is what I’m going with every time,” Bradley explains.

Catch Pro Bradley Roy’s Recap of the Bassmaster Classic

Putting fish in the box is Pro Bradley Roy’s job, and he always looks to his custom MHX rods to get that job done. After finishing seventh on Bassmaster’s biggest stage, Roy’s confidence in himself, his rods, and his game plan is no different than before.

Watch Bradley Roy’s best highlights from the 2017 Bassmaster Classic:

The Bassmaster Classic experience is unlike any other in professional fishing. Elite Pro Bradley Roy certainly made the most of his first Classic appearance, so relive his exclusive experience with more photos and a video recap brought to you by Roy himself below.

Check out these photos to relive the Classic alongside MHX Pro Bradley Roy:

Tune in below for MHX Pro Bradley Roy’s exclusive recap following the Bassmaster Classic: 

After an unbelievable first trip to the Bassmaster Classic, Bradley Roy’s high-performance fishing landed him in the top ten. But this came as no surprise to MHX because after all, Rookie of the Year is Pro Bradley Roy’s last name!