Head Boat Saltwater

Why Use Our Head Boat Blanks?

After a large amount of inquiries about Solid Fiberglass blanks MHX has decided to add a limited series to the product line.  This series should be able to cover most of your Saltwater needs and still offer up the most durable rod blanks made.

For generations Solid Fiberglass has been used in situations where high sticking, impacts, inexperienced anglers and ceiling fans have destroyed most other types of blanks.  With a hardened resin and fiberglass chop these blanks are as close to indestructible as you can get.

These lightweight, yet powerful, black gloss rod blanks provide the professional custom builder and hobbyist a dependable rod blank they can rely on for years to come.  All blanks come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


These rods are extremely durable, and will survive the toughest charter excursion.


Fish those big weights & baits with confidence, and have the power to control the fight.


Big jigs can be 3 oz. or more, and MHX gives you the power and sensitivity jigging requires.


Trolling rods that marry well to down rigging, kite spreads, and medium depth applications.

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Head Boat Saltwater - Gloss Black Finish

MHX Clear Black Gloss Finish
Model Size Pc. Line Power Action Tip Butt Weight Price
HB-6620 6'6" 1 12-20 Med/Lt Moderate 7 .385 6.5 $17.50
HB-6630 6'6" 1 15-30 Medium Moderate 12 .55 13.4 $18.50
HB-6640 6'6" 1 20-40 Med/Hvy Moderate 16 .5 14.5 $19.50
HB-6950 6'9" 1 30-50 Heavy Mod/Fast 18 .55 16.5 $24.50
HB-60100 6' 1 60-100 X-Heavy Mod/Fast 14 .68 15.5 $28.50