Drop Shot

  • MHX Slate Rod Finish

Why Use Our Drop Shot Blanks?

The MHX Drop Shot series incorporates innovative designs of both traditional and progressive actions.  The multi modulus materials allow us to utilize the correct material in each portion of the blank.

An advanced production process that is second to none creates a series of blanks unparalleled in today’s market place.  The MHX series are as much as 40% lighter than comparable standard graphite models and incredibly more sensitive.

These lightweight, yet powerful rod blanks provide the professional custom builder and hobbyist a dependable rod blank they can rely on for years to come.  All blanks come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

MHX Drop Shot Series

Drop Shot

Use the heavy power to get your drop shot weight down & faster action to hook the bite.


Faster action tops to snap down on that popper & the power to hook & land that lunker.

Live Bait

These rods work great when fishing larger shiners or free lining bait – fresh or light saltwater.


Looking for versatility?  These rods can also be used for Texas & Carolina rig applications.

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Drop Shot - Slate Finish

MHX Slate Rod Finish
Model Length Pc. Line Lure Action Power Application Wt. Butt Tip Price
DS820-Blend 6'10" 1 4-8 1/32 - 3/16 Mod-Fast Light Drop Shot, Live Bait 1.75 .46 4.5 $66.50
DS821-Blend 6'10" 1 6-12 1/8-3/8 X-Fast Mag-Lt Drop Shot, Live Bait, Poppin' Cork 1.85 .52 4 $68.75
DS822-Blend 6'10" 1 6-14 1/4 - 3/8 X-Fast Mag-Med-Lt Drop Shot, Live Bait, Poppin' Cork 1.9 .543 4 $69.50
DS823-MHX 6'10" 1 8-17 5/16 - 5/8 Fast Med-Mag Drop Shot 2.15 .558 4.5 $73.50

Drop Shot - White High Gloss Finish

MHX White Gloss Finish
Model Length Pc. Lure Line Action Power Application Wt. Butt Tip Price
DS822-W-Blend 6'10" 1 1/4 - 3/8 6-14 X-Fast Mag-Med-Lt Drop Shot, Live Bait, Poppin' Cork 1.9 .543 4 $71.75