MHX Blank Boosts IFA & FLW Pro Blake Smith

Known for competing in both the IFA and FLW Tours, Blake Smith is the only current dual professional in the sport of fishing. Prior to fishing in the IFA Tour Championship in Louisiana, Blake caught up with MHX Rod Designer Todd Vivian to retrieve a custom rod built specifically for his unique performance demands.

Since Blake Smith made the jump to professional fishing, his cross-over skill set in salt and freshwater fishing applications left him looking for a rod blank with a performance to match. This custom rod, built on the MB873-MHX Blank, and its balanced performance captivated Smith.

From dominating the fight against Louisiana’s lumbering redfish to finesse fishing for bass with the precise tip sensitivity, Blake’s confidence soared. The MB873-MHX Blank’s powerful, yet hypersensitive performance hooked Blake to MHX Rod Blanks and then, introduced him to Mud Hole’s brand of custom rod building.


Mud Hole and MHX Pro Blake Smith fine-tunes his fishing with custom rod building.

Mud Hole Custom Tackle, an MHX partner, is the number one resource for rod building in the world. Considering this and the performance of his new custom rod, Blake had a feeling that Mud Hole’s knowledge and resources combined with the application specific MHX Rod Blanks would build him the cross-over rod of his dreams.

MHX Introduces Dual Pro Angler to World Class Rod Blanks

Soon after, Blake Smith signed on to the Mud Hole Team and began building his own custom rod by selecting the perfect cross-over MHX Blank. Although he was impressed by the MB873-MHX Blank, Blake knew MHX Blanks likely had another option that would optimize his performance.

Smith made his selection based on the wisdom and experience of MHX Rod Designer Bob McKamey. Bob’s been in custom rod building since 1975, so all it took to determine the ideal blank was a brief conversation with Blake about his techniques in each fishing application.

Fishing competitively in salt and freshwater, Blake explained the balance between power and sensitivity that he desired in a rod blank. Bob quickly pointed him to one of the best and most versatile blanks available, the HM-SJ842-MHX Rod Blank.

The High-Mod upgrade from the MHX line of spin jig blanks, this version’s balance of mid-butt power and tip sensitivity are impossible to beat. Finally bringing Blake the cross-over performance to match his own, the HM-SJ842-MHX Blank provides the power to pull in redfish and the tip sensitivity to feel the smallest of bass bites.

The High Mod Spin Jig Blank from MHX brings the performance to succeed in virtually all applications.

The High Mod Spin Jig Blank from MHX brings the performance to succeed in virtually all applications.

For Pro Angler Blake Smith, the HM-SJ842-MHX is perfect for catching redfish and bass however, it will perform great against virtually any species of fish. Basically, if you can name it, the HM-SJ842-MHX will help you catch it!

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