Setting the Hook with FLW and MHX Pro John Cox

Honing Hooksets with MHX Pro John Cox

Pro John Cox, the reigning Forrest Wood Cup Champion, is known as much for sight fishing as he is for having one of the smoothest hooksets on the FLW Tour.

Setting the Hook on the Harris Chain

Although John Cox has always been a successful sight fisherman, it is the balance between his calm, collected hookset and his arsenal of high-performance MHX Rods that often lead him past the pack.

Watch FLW Pro John Cox take his uncanny hookset all the way to the top of leaderboard after Day 1:

For John Cox, a smooth hookset didn’t become one of his signature skills overnight, but rather took years of practice. As he rose the ranks of professional fishing, Cox along with the trusty support of MHX Rod Blanks worked diligently on setting the hook with calm yet controlled motion to pin those big bass down every time.

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