7 Tips for Choosing MHX Rod Blank Feature

7 Tips for Choosing a Fishing Rod Blank

To get the best performance from your fishing rod blank, be sure to do your research beforehand. From power and action, to application and design, MHX makes World Class Rod Blanks for every angler.

1. Selection

For starters, choosing the right rod blank for your fishing performance is easier when you have a wide variety of options to work with. Although more options may seem complicated, an extensive inventory will allow you to find the perfect rod blank for your desired fishing application.

Each MHX Blank Series is engineered and proven for peak performance in every application and fishery you can find. Divided into applications based on environment, technique, and even specific species of fish, MHX helps optimize your performance and experience with an unbeatable selection of specialized rod blanks.

MHX offers World Class Rod Blanks engineered for each and every application of fishing.

MHX offers World Class Rod Blanks engineered for each and every application in fishing.

2. Quality control

The MHX brand is known for high quality and performance for a reason. Each rod blank is suspect to a 7-point inspection, which works to systematically confirm that every blank will exceed the angler’s expectations in performance, durability, and quality.

Beginning with a lateral alignment, each rod blank is inspected for straightness and any defects in its structure. Then the rod blank must pass a measurements test for their butt and tip diameter.

Once the butt and tip diameter pass, each blank is accessed for the desired weight and length. After each measurement is checked, the blanks move on to a deflection test, which ensures consistent accuracy in both actions and powers.

Each step in the 7-point inspection system allows MHX to distribute World Class Rod Blanks packed with the ultimate performance.

3. Warranty

MHX is proud to back each rod blank with a Limited Lifetime Warranty to help when you need it most. Although the durability of MHX Rod Blanks make it a rare experience, making a warranty claim is easy.

Once the claim is submitted, it is processed in a timely manner to determine the damage, and how MHX can help in return. Getting you back on the water with the supreme confidence and performance of fishing MHX is a top priority, so MHX also supports its rod blanks and anglers with a transferrable serial number.

Each MHX Rod Blank comes with an exclusive, transferable serial number.

Each MHX Rod Blank comes with an exclusive, transferable serial number.

Each MHX Rod Blank has an individual serial number that allows the Limited Lifetime Warranty to transfer alongside the blank itself. So, if you buy a custom MHX rod, you now have exclusive access to the same warranty claim as the previous distributor or owner.

4. Packaging

Distributing rod blanks can be a difficult task. Considering the length of some rod blanks can exceed over eight feet, packaging each blank safely is important to preserving its integrity and performance.

Luckily, MHX has been in the rod blank business for quite some time and this extensive experience has led to packaging methods as fast as they are safe. As the most sensitive segment of the rod blank, protecting the tip is essential to preserving the action of the overall blank.

Each individual MHX Rod Blank is packaged with silicon tip protector that works to maintain the tip during shipping. Although this awesome feature helps protect the tip of the blank, it is just the first step in the high-quality packaging and shipping of MHX Blanks.

For instance, when packaging multiple rod blanks, MHX preserves each blank’s structure by aligning them so that the rod blanks are packaged facing the opposite of the next. Alternating between butt and tip helps support each rod blank and preserve the integrity of the blanks during the shipping process.

Then, a thick packaging paper is used to wrap and conceal the blanks, while extra paper is layered around the tip for further protection.

In each blank’s packaging, there are some additional accessories. Besides the serialized labels, MHX Blanks include a header card for identification, a microfiber Blank buffer, as well as two decals for extra MHX style points. Of these two decals, one is a premium Metallic Series emblem that looks awesome when added to the rod blank, and the other decal is a bumper sticker for the perfect reminder to fish MHX.

MHX Packages each blank with a tip protector, a label with the blank's exclusive serial number, a header card, and two decals.

MHX Packages each blank with a tip protector, a label with the blank’s exclusive serial number, and two decals.

MHX takes performance and experience very seriously, so packaging and preserving each high-quality rod blank is crucial in sealing our commitment to satisfy anglers across the globe.

5. Performance

By the time anglers receive an MHX Blank, each one has been tested and tweaked to ensure the ultimate performance and experience for their fishing application. This makes MHX Blanks and their incredible performance very popular among pro anglers competing in the FLW Tour and the Bassmaster Elite Series. In fact, Pro John Cox fished MHX Rod Blanks all the way to winning 2016’s FLW Championship and capturing the prestigious Forrest Wood Cup.

Engineered with certain environments, techniques, and species in mind, MHX Rod Blanks are developed as solutions to optimize any angler’s performance in these given applications. Once the need is identified, MHX Rod Designers hit the drawing board to come up with best blank to get the job done.

Since practice makes perfect, these MHX blanks then go from concept to prototype. Each prototype rod blank is distributed to MHX Regional Pros, who begin rigorously testing the blanks for the correct power and action in their designated application.

MHX Pro Staffer Chris Adams flexes a MHX Rod Blank on display.

MHX Pro Staffer Chris Adams flexes a MHX Rod Blank on display.

Next, these MHX Regional Pros return feedback and suggestions for the prototype’s performance to MHX Rod Designers, who tweak the blank accordingly. MHX uses this advanced research and development system to sustain the highest quality rod blanks on the market.

Outlasting and outworking other options, MHX Rod Blanks are ultra-lightweight and sensitive, yet super durable to guarantee an unbeatable performance and experience.

6. Experience

Considering each rod blank is manufactured for the ultimate performance, MHX produces World Class Rod Blanks that bring an awesome experience to any application. From the confidence and performance of MHX Rod Blanks, comes an angling experience like no other.

MHX depends on advanced materials to engineer rod blanks that are up to 40% lighter than comparable models. Using a lighter rod blank translates to a sharp reduction in the fisherman’s fatigue felt after hours out on the water.

Through decades of experience designing and fishing, MHX has found that optimizing rod blanks for specific applications has one simple result, hooking more fish. Naturally more fish equals more fun, and many anglers agree the performance of MHX Rod Blanks lead to a better overall fishing experience every time.

7. Value

In addition to the many advantages above, MHX Rod Blanks are widely recognized for their incredible value. With extreme sensitivity and durability, MHX Rod Blanks balance their higher performance with an exclusive price that pleases passionate anglers and rod builders alike.

Although produced for the highest performance, MHX believes in competitive value pricing so that their return is not only catching more fish, but knowing the blank was worth the money. MHX Rod Blanks have revolutionized the fishing industry with blanks that are engineered to perform without sacrificing their overall value.

Whether fishing flats for redfish, punchin’ mats for bass, or trolling offshore for something even bigger, you can easily find and fish with the perfect MHX Rod Blank that maintains its incredible value while still improving your performance and enhancing your experience.